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Tag: Personal Growth

Originals By Adam Grant

This is a visual book summary of Originals by Adam Grant. Adam Grant weaves research and real-life stories to show the traits of non-conformists (originals) who create and execute successful ideas.

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The Magic Of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

This is a visual book summary of The Magic Of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. This premise of this book is that success in life is a result of THINKING BIG and not intelligence or luck. The book provides a collection of actionable tools and strategies to think big and succeed.

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The Seven Rules Of Success By Wayne Cordeiro

This is a visual book summary of The Seven Rules Of Success by Wayne Cordeiro. This short book draws wisdom from The Bible and lays out seven life lessons for success using seven memorable characters from Scripture.

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Love Is The Killer App By Tim Sanders

This is a visual book summary of Love Is The Killer App by Tim Sanders. This book is a success primer that follows 3-steps: 1. increase your knowledge, 2. expand your network, and 3. share your compassion.

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Atomic Habits by James Clear

This is a visual book summary of Atomic Habits by James Clear. A practical book that breaks down the building of good habits and breaking of bad habits into a 4-step process that is easy to understand and follow.

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