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Tag: Business

The Side Hustle by Nick Loper

This is a visual book summary of The Side Hustle by Nick Loper. A practical book for people who want to make money on the side without leaving their jobs focusing on 3 business models and 7 frameworks to generate business ideas!

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Love Is The Killer App By Tim Sanders

This is a visual book summary of Love Is The Killer App by Tim Sanders. This book is a success primer that follows 3-steps: 1. increase your knowledge, 2. expand your network, and 3. share your compassion.

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Smartcuts by Shane Snow

This is a visual book summary of Smartcuts by Shane Snow. This book answers the question: Why some people and companies achieve success in relatively short time frame? The answer is “Smartcuts ” – a framework for working hard and smart to shorten, leverage and soar your way into success.

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Decisive By Chip Heath & Dan Heath

This is a visual book summary of Decisive by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. This book is about a four-step WRAP framework to make better decisions by identifying and defeating the 4 villains of bad decision-making. It presents a number of tools and strategies to make better choices.

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