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Over 6.1 MILLION People Healed Of CoronaVirus Worldwide


I was obsessively looking at Coronavirus (Covid-19) stats and news.

As a believer, instead of focusing on death and despair I chose to focus on the healing that is taking place all over the world.

So me and my 11-year-old daughter Lea (who is currently on Home Based Learning as schools are closed), created this interactive stats of healed cases worldwide.

It was a good way for father and daughter to bond and learn about statistics, basic programming, geography (wow, the world does have a lot of countries) and blogging while looking at the bright side of life and the goodness of God.

I pray these stats encourage many as we stand together in faith and pray.

Jesus is our healer and we give thanks for each and every healed person!

Interactive Stats

Please wait a few moments for the stats to load completely…



Share this to encourage others. We are in this together! πŸ˜‰

Last updated:2 July 2020 (US)

Enjoyed this work?

PS: My eleven-year-old daughter, Lea and I created this page and the stats which automatically updates now (no more inputting of data, phew)!

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  1. Sangita Kharel says:

    Great. At this time where everyone is surrounded by fear. Your site gave us hope . Thanks for creating thisπŸ’πŸ’

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